Male Performance Enhancers: Do They Really Work?

You’ve probably seen them everywhere — gas stations, online ads, smoke shops and of course the unwanted email spam.  But do any of these products we hear about actually work?  And if so, how well do they work, how long do they last and how safe are they?

We’ve asked the same questions, and here is what we found.

In short, some of these products work, and some don’t.  Since most of these products are designed to do 3 things:

  1. Give you a harder erection,
  2. enable you to last longer before you have an orgasm during sex, and
  3. increase your sexual arousal, so you’re able to have sex again quickly after you’ve already had an orgasm,

that means they fall into the same category as drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which help with each of these things.  And each of these drugs work pretty impressively with most men, and can make a big difference in how often you can have sex, how long you can last during sex and how firm your erection can be during sex.

Because of these attributes, these medications can be dramatically effective at increasing libido, stamina and arousal levels both in men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and sexually healthy men who are simply looking to be the best sexual partner for their mate.

So our big question was, do any of the non-prescription male performance enhancers actually work? As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few legitimate male enhancement reviews available, so we did some research. Bravely, on ourselves.

Which is kind of scary, actually, because in the United States, dietary supplements (which is the technical category into which these “herbal” enhancements fall) are NOT regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, unlike prescription medications.  And this means that any supplement company can put anything they like into a bottle, call it whatever they choose, and sell it — without a governmental agency testing it to make sure it actually does what it says it does.

So, since the FDA doesn’t test these supplements, we decided to test them ourselves.

As it happened, the main problems we found weren’t side effects of the supplements, they were that only a few of the many products we tested actually worked.  And through our extensive (and expensive) trials of these supplements we arrived at 5 products that meet the primary criteria we had set before trying these products:

  • Are they effective?  Do they work — and work well
  • Are they reliable?  Do they work every time (or very close)
  • Are they consistent?  Do we get the same results every time, and
  • Are they powerful?  Do they give results that are impressive, especially compared to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

In our search to find non-prescription enhancement products that could truly enable us to be a better sexual partner for our mates, we found 5 dietary supplements that met these criteria consistently, and those are the five products we carry on our site.  Our goal at Active Herbals is simply to take the guesswork out of this search for the average guy who wants to be better in bed.  You’ll see these 5 products featured in our online store, and we strongly encourage you to leave a brief, honest review of any products you purchase from us so that we can keep track of exactly how consistent and effective these products are over time, and so that our future customers have the benefit of your unvarnished assessment of these supplements to guide them.

We back our products 100%, even though we don’t personally manufacture them.  That means that if you are unsatisfied with anything you purchase from us, we will happily refund your money, or provide you with a replacement product.

In the end, we just want to help other guys, just like us, to find the same level of sexual confidence as we have found with these products, and enable them to be the lover they always wanted to be for their special someone.  We believe there is no shame in wanting to be a better lover, and we’re bound & determined to contribute to the sexual health of men everywhere by eliminating the taboos or embarrassment that can accompany the topic of men’s sexual performance.  We’re men, we want to please our partners and make our sexual experiences memorable, and if there’s a way to take our performance to the next level, we should be proud to do that.

And if you’re unsure which of our products to try first, we’d suggest trying our current staff favorite, XZen 1200.  At less than $4 per capsule, it’s the best deal we currently offer on our site — take advantage!

We hope we can help make your relationships a little spicier and exciting, and please remember to leave your feedback on each product you try — your reviews help us maintain our high standards for our products, and it will help other guys just like you feel a little more comfortable taking that first step toward romantic confidence.  Thank you!


As we’ve mentioned, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Possible side effects may include dizziness, thirst, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. These products should not be taken by pregnant women or breast feeding mothers. Consult your physician to discuss any possible unwanted interaction with your prescription medications.

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One Response to “Male Performance Enhancers: Do They Really Work?”

  1. James Allen August 21, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    At the age of 47, slowly loosing the ability to achieve maximum erection and not as quickly as when I was younger, I decided while on vacation in the US to experiment with XZen 1200. I found the results to be slow at first but the second time(2 days later) I not only had almost immediate arousal but increased erection greater than that when I was 25 !

    I also was easily able to enjoy a much longer lasting erection. I was also able to achieve a second erection 20-25 minutes after first ejaculation which lasted much longer than the first.

    Very impressed with this product!