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Welcome to Active Herbals, the only online source for male enhancement supplements that actually provides real user reviews for all of our products.

If you’ve ever looked online for non-prescription alternatives to Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, you’ve almost certainly found scores of products claiming to be effective herbal male enhancements, but you’ve also probably noticed that they are often marketed on questionable, non-medical websites that just don’t seem professional enough to trust. And since you’re planning on actually putting these supplements into your body, it is imperative that you feel comfortable in knowing that what you’re purchasing is both safe to use, and that it does what it says it will do.

Since nutritional and dietary supplements are completely unregulated in the United States, this industry has remained a kind of “Wild West” in the marketplace, with no governmental agency looking out for the consumer, and no way for the consumer to determine which supplements are both safe and effective.

We founded Active Herbals because of this problem, and our goal is to continue to provide the safest, most effective men’s sexual performance supplements available, at prices virtually anyone can afford, with no prescription necessary.

We believe that a healthy, exciting sexual relationship is a vital part of every successful couple's life together, and we take pride in providing supplements that can help make that success a reality. Are these supplements the most important part of your relationship with your partner? Definitely not. But they can be a very powerful tool to help you build and cement a meaningful life together -- whether you use them to reverse erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence issues, or if you simply want to add an impressive "wow" factor to your sexual stamina, arousal and hardness during sex with your partner.

Please read our blog for in-depth and honest posts about our products.

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We have personally researched – and tried – each of the products we carry in our store, and no male enhancement product makes it into our lineup unless it meets or exceeds our high standards for quality and reliability.

In addition to that, you’ll notice that we include customer reviews for each product, so that you can see exactly how that particular supplement has performed for other men -- and couples -- before you decide to purchase it. Any time you try a product of ours, we strongly encourage you to leave a brief – and honest — review and rating of that supplement so that we can keep current statistics on how that product is performing for our customers. We insist on carrying only the highest quality men’s sexual performance enhancers available, and your feedback helps us maintain those standards. And, we're proud to give our customers the opportunity to rate both our products and our service on our Google+ page. Check out what our other customers have to say about us!